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To Breath

October 21, 2010
By meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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I step outside.Its raining. I look up to the gray sky, at the rain drops falling. It's raining harderand i look down at the ground.At the rain hitting the pavement and then splattering. I start running. Not sure whether to keep my head up and look forward, or to look downat the ground. It's raining harder. When i really listen, i hear each rain drop individually hit the ground, but then it's a collective roar. I start running faster. I need to go somewhere. No idea where. I need some space. Some time. To think, To breath. I run through the uneven, slippery, wet grass. My steps are uneven, i step on something hard, trip, and fall. Flat on my face. Slowly i pull myself up to sit. Im soaking wet. Not sure where i am, or where i'm going, so i just sit. I look at a puddle in front of me.I see my reflection. I wipe away dripping wet hair, only to reveal a tear-stained face. I see myself, I see me. If only everyone else could see that girl too, then i wouldn't be here. I wouldnt need to run and escape. I sit for a few moments, getting my thoughts back in order. It's raining harder than ever. I stand up and walk back. Slowly.

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