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Thank You, Dog

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

As I strolled down Davies Street, my eyes watching everything that I passed, from a little tin can to a loud moving car. I stopped when my eyes caught a glimpse of golden streaks in the alleyway.
I smiled and shook my head side to side laughing as I saw a huge golden mutt jumping up and down wanting to play.
"Scat." I said to it shunting away, but the mutt followed me. I tired to ignore the playful mutt as I strolled off the cold hard stone path onto the soft warm green land of the park.
I sat down on the driest and firmest part I could find as the mutt laid next to me looking at me with its big blue eyes.
I looked around trying to ignore the dog but as my gaze passed over the golden wonder, I noticed that it wasn’t looking at ma anymore. The mutt was looking at a young fellow about the same age as me.
When the youth looked over at me and the dog, the dog jumped up and ran full force at him. I watched as the boy cried out and fell over as the monster of a dog jumped on him. I strolled over to the fellow as the mutt licked him all over.
"Scat!" I yelled pushing the mutt away.
"You ok?" I asked holding out my hand to him.
"Yeah I'm ok." he said talking my hand. I pulled him up as if he was as heavy as air. The mutt lay at our feet staring up at us, happily thumping his tail.
"This your dog?" he asked petting the top of its furry head.
"No it just followed me here" I replied smiling as I looked at the mutt "What’s your name?" I asked looking at him from the mutt.
"Leaf." the young fellow said smiling also "Your James right? I think I have you English."
"Is the guy in your class always reading?" I asked surprised he knew my name.
"Yes." he replied
"Then yes I am who you think I am." I said laughing lightly.
"Well I need to go." Leaf said turning around "See you later James"
"Yeah see yea." I said waving to him and watched him wave back.
‘Hope we see each other later' I thought turning around and started to walk home with the golden wonder beauty yapping at my heels.
I have learned sometimes dogs are great at making friends, both with each other and with other people.

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