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New Kid on the Block

January 13, 2010
By HarleyBoy SILVER, Wells, Maine
HarleyBoy SILVER, Wells, Maine
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We pulled away from Clay Avenue, for the last time of my life. I could not help but feel deeply saddened as the truck drove down the street, and I left my best friend standing by my old house.

As my father and I drove the moving truck 13 hours to our new home, only one thought could fill my head during the long trip to Maine. That thought, a new school, in which my first day would be exactly one week from that drive. I would be starting a school in which I knew not a single person, with the exception of my sister, whom was not in my grade.

Being that this new school was in Maine, over 13 hours from my old town in Pennsylvania, I had my doubts as to whether I would fit in.

During my 10 years of schooling in Pennsylvania, I had not switched schools once in my life, and had feared doing so my entire life. Several times before moving to Maine, my family had been nearly moved to nearby towns several times, but in the end, they all fell through.

However, in September of 2009, my family had made the decision to move up north, and my father to accept a job in New Hampshire. Needless to say, this news devastated me when I heard it. It dawned on me that I would have to leave my friends, but particularly my best friend Nick.

I had met Nick volunteering three years ago at the After School Program. Ever since then we had been best friends, always hanging out, seeing movies, going to baseball games, or just playing sports. Every time there would be a new movie coming out, we would buy tickets and go to the premiere. Such good times those were, and I look back at them as simple, yet some of the best times of my life.

As I walked through the doors of my new school, I had to remember one piece of advice my mom had given me. “Don’t look back, look ahead and at all of the possibilities in your new school.”

My first class, Language Arts, my strongest subject. I walked into the doors, and took a seat at one of the seventeen desks in the room. Words could not describe how nervous I was, however, when the students walked in, my anxiety was put at ease. All of the kids were very welcoming, something that I had been particularly nervous about.

My first day at my new high school was a blur, however, I remember coming home that day very happy, because what a great first day it had been.

Now, over three months past my first day, its amazes me what a great experience this has been. I had always been the most scared of moving out of the school district, but it has been greater here than I can have imagined it ever being in Pennsylvania.

I am very involved in and out of school, making the honor roll, announcing the weekly sports, and playing basketball. This school year has been very prosperous, and by far, my most memorable.

My advice to someone who is starting a new school is to just go into it with a positive attitude. Be friendly and outgoing, and you will fit right in.

Switching over to a new school may seem terrifying, but you will see that as you adjust, it will all be a great experience.

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