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Closed Eyes

March 7, 2009
By CarlaMarie GOLD, St.Marys, Other
CarlaMarie GOLD, St.Marys, Other
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When I close my eyes, the world is perfect. I look exactly the way I wish I could look, and I have the guy I love. Me and my parents get along all the time, and my sister and I never fight. I have great friends that never get on my nerves and are always there to listen. My family has enough money to own our own home, and have new vehicles, furniture, and anything else we need. In my perfect world that I travel to whenever I close my eyes, I'm always happy, and i never have a bad day. I really, really love this world.
When i open my eyes, I'm back to looking exactly the way i wish i didn't. The guy I love still doesn't know how much I love him, and definitely doesn't love me back. I fight with my parents frequently, and my sister and I rarely get along. I have one best friend that actually cares about me, and a bunch of other friends that care more about themselves than anything else. My family has just enough money to get by, we rent a home and have well-used cars and furniture, we cant afford to get anything we want. In this real world, I'm seldom happy, but i fake it very well. Everyday is a bad day for me. I really don't like this world but I can't live in a dream forever. And I know that when it gets really bad, all I need to do is close my eyes and I can leave everything behind for just a moment. And for now that is enough.

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