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My First Time Seeing Celtic Thunder

September 8, 2015
By celticstudygirl PLATINUM, Vermilion, Other
celticstudygirl PLATINUM, Vermilion, Other
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I woke up pretty early on October 16, 2013 because that day was a more special day than any other day ever. Because, later that day I was going to be seeing my favorite group since their debut in 2008 Celtic Thunder. I spent the whole last night preparing my outfit and making sure that I was going to look great because I was also planning on meeting them after the show. I also watched a few shows to keep my mind off of them for a bit and calm myself down but I was still up till pretty late. When I woke up I made sure that I had my money because I was planning on buying a few things at the show and also so that we can get something to eat before seeing them.

On the way to the bank to get the money earlier in the day we got something to eat and after that I heard a song on the radio singing that "Tonight was going to be a great night," and I totally agreed with the song and smiled and thought about that night even more. And when we got home I checked out my Twitter. Then I saw that everyone in the group was already tweeting about how much fun they were having and couldn't wait for that night's show. That just got me excited even more! Then I took a little nap. Then after that, we left to get our supper for that day which was Subway. And then we brought it home and I watched a few episodes of my favorite show while eating and then it was time to get ready to go see them.

I put on my outfit that I chose the night before combed my hair then put on really good smelling deodorant. I put some deodorant that goes with a perfume since I didn't want to wear the perfume but still wanted to smell really nice. Then after that I watched the group on their "Mythology" DVD since they were going to perform that show that night. Then I got the tickets and my money. And then it was time to go. Saying that I was super excited major is an understatement. I was finally going to see the group that I've been seeing on tv, my DVDs, and listening to on CDs for the past 5 years.

The ride to Cleveland from where I am felt like an eternity and my dad decided to turn on the radio to the station that we all love to listen to. It was a pretty nice day out it was supposed to get colder during the night so we brought my light jacket just in case. And then was I saw the skyline of Cleveland from the distance I just got even more excited that I just jumped a little bit in my seat. And then as we pulled up the to theater the theater that was next to it which was the Palace had a long line of people lined up outside it and wrapped around the building was showing "The Price is Right" while the one that we went to was called the State and showed "Celtic Thunder."

Since we arrived super early at the theater we had to wait a while to get into the theater and then another while to get to our seats. But that was all worth it since I had my program and their calendar to look at. It also took a while for them to get on the stage once we sat in our seats though. We were about in the middle of the balcony and the seats were pretty good. 

Then the show finally started with the song "Voices." I was so excited actually seeing all six of them on stage right in front of me for the first time ever! The people in the group were Ryan, Neil, Keith, George, Colm, and Emmet. Then after "Voices" Emmet stayed on the stage then he sang "Danny Boy" which he cried at the end of the song.  And sometimes in between the songs the guys told us stories and made us laugh and cry. And they sang a few other songs including "My Land," "Carrickfergus," "Katie," and "Spanish Lady." And then the intermission came and then I just used the restroom and came back to my seat. But, I decided to go downstairs to investigate and then came back to my seat. Then the second part began with "The Rocky Road to Dublin." Then they sang a few more songs like "Always There," "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow," "The Sound of Silence," and then "Ireland's Call." 

Some songs made me cry like "Carrickfergus" because it means a lot to Ryan and a lot of us fans who know the story behind him and the song for Mythology. I don't have a favorite song but I did like the following: "The Rocky Road to Dublin," "Life with You," "Katie," "Dearg Doom," "The Boys are Back in Town," "My Land," "Carrickfergus," House of the Rising Sun," "Turning Away," and especially "Ireland's Call."

After the show was over it was time to meet the guys. While waiting in the I talked to the lady behind me and we talked about the guys in the group in the present and the past too. And we also speculated about who was going to be at the table. I forgot about George tweeting earlier in the day about being out at the table.  But it ended up being George, Emmet, Neil, and Ryan. I got my program ready for them to sign and I handed it to George who then slid it to Emmet, then Neil and Ryan. I just smiled at George, then I came up to Emmet and said "Hello sweetheart, how's it going?" I just stopped right there and thought for a little bit wondering what to tell him and then I told him that he did great in the show then he told me "That's what it's all about." With him spreading his arms opened. I heard reports that he blushed while smiling widely at me. Then said a really soft hello to Neil and Ryan. And then was I walked away from Ryan he was smiling at me. Greatest night ever! 

But now that night means a whole lot more to me now than it did before. Because about five months after I saw them George suddenly passed away and that was my first only time that I got to see him. And since he signed my program that also means a whole lot more to me. And it was the last time that I got to see Emmet in the group too. But I did see the group the next year in 2014 but different city, show, and two people missing but another one added.

The author's comments:

Seeing a picture of Cleveland and it showing PlayHouse Square a little decided to make me actually start writing this. Hope that you enjoy my story about the time that I first saw Celtic Thunder.

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