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My Optimistic Side

February 4, 2010
By M.S.S. GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
M.S.S. GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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The definition of optimistic mean always expecting the best to happen; always thinking good. By the way I act and my personality, I think it should have my picture beside it. It may not seem like it at school, but when I’m with my friends in certain classes or at home with my mom and sister, I love cheering others up and saying “Look on the bright side.” I even say it when I’m doing poorly in my classes.

One example of my optimism is when I’m with my family. I’m always watching movies with my family. I’m a movie buff so I’ve seen more movies than my family combined. When we watch movies together, I always like to imitate or make fun of one star movies or how horrible the acting in the movie is. My mom gets upset when she orders a movie and it’s a bust, so I talk about how bad it was and imitate a bad actor/actress. I try and cheer her up and make her laugh. Like the time when I watched a Lifetime movie about a woman who was in love with her dead sister’s husband. When he fell in love with another woman, the sister-in-law tried to kill her. But instead she got stabbed and died. “She was a horrible dyer---she died longer than it took to make the movie,” I told my mom. And I imitated the bad actress, but added a little something to over-exaggerate the scene. I would pretend I was dying, then fall really slow. But on my way down to the floor I would grab a pillow and put it under my head. Corny, but it made my mother laugh until she cried.

Another example is when I’m with my friends in school. I hate seeing my friends sad, mad, or depressed. Sometimes I just want to make my friends laugh. To do this I make up funny dances, random sayings, and stupid songs. Sometimes, since I’m a movies buff, I take a word or saying that I like and use it as my own way to express what I’m feeling. For example, when I’m surprised or I think something is crazy, I say, “WACKADOO!” This I got from the movie Spider-man, the scene when people are saying who they think spider-man is, a cop says, “I don’t know. Some kind of freak. Wackadoo.” Other times I make up funny dances. When my friend is upset I just get them to do my dance and they burst with laughter. I can never see a friend upset so I have to be optimistic and find something or do something to make them happy.

My third and final example is being optimistic for myself. I have to be optimistic when it comes to my grades; if I didn’t I would never pass my classes. For example, when I fail a paper, I tell myself, “Don’t worry; things will get better if you study more and ask for help.” Or I’ll say “At least you passed. I know you can do better next time.” I also have to be optimistic for myself when I embarrass myself constantly. Every year I’ve been in Paris High I’ve done something to embarrass myself, for example, I fell in the hallway by slipping on water; I get back up and shout, “I’m okay.” Then I laugh at myself with everyone else.

I don’t think I can be who I am without my optimism. I could never have as much fun and friends as I do now. Thanks to my optimism I can make people I don’t even know laugh and smile. And even though those people don’t know me they will remember a random girl just cheered them up. I want to be remembered as the friend or fandom girl that made people happy and laugh.

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