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Insight : Afraid of loosing

February 11, 2009
By angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
angelina green GOLD, Navarre, Florida
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Can my heart already belong to someone? have I been dening this for sometime because of irrational moments and actions, can one be so perfect but so impossible at the same time? Does the heart hurt more for the one loved and lost? Can you get back the loved one you've lost? So the one you love may be perfect in your eyes because you accept their flaws, or is that what we call blind love. Blind love probably hurts the most because you don't realize the truth. I guess I don't know why I can't fall for the sweet guys that come across my heart. I just can't understand why I can't move past this one. I guess I have to move on eventually, but then why do I keep promising to wait for him. Maybe because I think I've found the one that I might actually love, and that I'm too afraid that if he is, I might loose him and not find him again.

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