March 11, 2009
By thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
thechdu SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Chazz Palminteri came back to the building where he went to school in the Bronx, visiting to share information to future artists. He expressed his life growing up into his career, and he gave advice for what we as high school students should stay committed to.

How Was It Like Financially For Chazz?
Palminteri didn't grow up in the best neighborhood. He and his parents didn't have a lot of money, but they stuck together because he says that his parents are one of his greatest inspirations. It was very hard coming up with money for all his auditions, but he worked hard. His father had some money with being a bus driver, and Palimenter took a job as a door man.
How did Chazz Get Started In Show Bizz?
Palminteri saw someone get killed right in front of his eyes. He took It hard, but kept looking back at the words his father have written on a red card, 'If you have talent, don't waste it.' So each week he started writing play scenes relating to what he saw. First week he would write for five minutes, then ten minutes. Then longer each and every week which led to his play, 'A Bronx Tale'.

Did He Take Any Courses To Become A better Actor?
Palminteri loved acting since age eleven, and never let it go. He never thought of being otherwise. When he was nineteen years old, he trained with many different t famous actors today well known, just like him.

Did Chazz Start Early In Life With His Career?
Palminteri didn't actually make it to show bizz till about his thirty's. He was one of those kids who hung out with others who did drugs and alcohol. 'Twenty percent of acting is how you live your life,' He mentioned. You have to hang around with the right people, and have the right influence. With friends that you have, yes you can be nice; but if they are dropping you later, then you don't need them. His father always told him, 'You lay down with pigs; you end up lying in garbage'. Don't hang out with the wrong people, it doesn't help you grow.

Was It Ever Hard For Chazz To Portray A Character?
Yes, all his characters are hard to portray sometimes, but he does what he has to do.
As he started the movie, 'Hurly Burly', he loved the character so much, that he took this character home with him. His wife couldn't wait till he started a new movie.

Why Did Chazz Start Doing Some Children movies?
It was hard to show his kids any of his adult movies with cursing and crime because they were too young. People would ask them what their father does, and they would have know idea. This led to some of Palminteri roles, in 'Stuart Little', 'Lady & The Tramp' and many more. He wanted his children to see what their father does.

Is There Any Other Advice Chazz Gave?
#1- Make sure you hang around the right people.
#2- For auditions for anything, remember you will get a thousand 'No's' and one 'Yes'. Walk into any audition and think they will say 'No', and so you know to just do your best. Make sure you know your lines, especially the first few because that's what they will want. You may be asked to stop after the first few lines, so make them exciting. You have to be relaxed, so you think about what's happening and respond well.

The author's comments:
It was really cool to meet someone who's in show bizz, and had to take courage to build up their strength knowing they came from not the best backround. I was happy to know, not everyone out their in show bizz started at a young age, but at their thirties.

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