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Andy Jacobson

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Andy Jacobson is like any ordinary man. He is 32 years old; he lives in Woodbury Minnesota with his wife of 2 years Jen. The only thing different is he’s 6’11”.
“I love being tall,” said Andy, “it gave me an advantage against my brothers.” Andy is not the only tall one in his family, he has two brothers Joe 6’7” and Ben 6’5”, also Jen is six feet tall.
“When we have children they will be huge!”
Andy had gotten tons of college scholarships for basketball, he ended up going to River Falls and playing basketball there.
He played four years as post, “Every game people in the stands would yell out for me to dunk, I did sometimes.” “I didn’t want the other team to be scared of me.”
After graduation Andy graduated with a major in physical activity. He didn’t carry on with basketball.
“Everyone thought I was good because I was tall, but really I was just average.”

About three years ago Andy started to coach varsity girls basketball at Eagan High School.
“I love my girls, there da bomb!”

The girls team is full of young talented girls ranging thru grades 9-12.
“Our team is mostly juniors and senior with one freshman.”

Coaching has its perks, there team is sponsored by Nike.
“It’s freakin awesome, we get a ton of free stuff, bags warm ups, jerseys and the best of all shoes!” “I have big feet size 15 try to find shoes in that size and still be cool looking.”

Andy and his team starts the season with 2-0 record.
“I have faith in my girls, we did awesome last year and we are off to a super start this year.”

Even though Andy doesn’t play basketball anymore he still enjoys coaching.
“I like coaching more because you really don’t have to be in shape.”

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