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A Different Love Story

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Liz J, 27, is not one to inhibit her thoughts or feelings. This prestigious English teacher is well known and liked at our High School. She is remembered for her strange, but fun behavior and her shocking honesty. Liz is definitely not one for romance; however, her story about how she met her current boyfriend, Barry, is nothing short of romantic.
“Post college dating sucks,” says Liz. “Where are you going to meet someone? A bar? No!”
Liz was afraid of the diatribe that would come her way if she met someone online or in a bar, so she asked her friend to set her up. She went on a date with a guy named Tysom.
“It never really went anywhere,” says Liz.
After a few casual dates, Ty suggested they doubled. Liz brought a friend along, and Tyler brought one of the best things to ever happen to Liz -- Barry. They ate dinner at Liz’s house and Liz being her crazy self, couldn’t help but dance to a Shakira song as it came on. Tyler incoherently told Liz he would not dance with her, but Barry gladly stepped in.
“Afterwards we went to a bar. Barry was my partner for darts; and we have been partners ever since, “ says Liz.
Barry and Liz are an integral couple; two halves of a whole. Liz is quick and constantly in a hurry, whereas Barry is more mellow.
“It’s a good balance for us,” says Liz.
When asked about wedding plans, Liz didn’t sound too thrilled, since she isn’t the romantic type.
“I don’t want to ruin it for him,” Liz says.
When asked if her class was invited to the wedding, Liz’s true personality kicked in and she said, “Hell no!”


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