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INterview with Research Program Business Manager Lindy W.

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

What was you first job and what is your job position now?

My very first job was that of a file clerk in the Prime Minister's Office, Trinidad.
I now work as a research program business manager, University of Illinois.

What type of education or background knowledge did you need for you position?

For my current position of business manager, a bachelor's degree in some area of business management was need. Though I did not have a bachelor’s degree in business management, I did hold a Master's degree in economics which could have been applied to position.
In addition, to be successful at this job one needed very good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. All of which I had.

How did you get involved in this job?

I was referred for this position by a friend who knew that the position was available. I applied and was hired very soon thereafter.

Was there anyone who inspired you to do this job? If so who?

Not really, except to give credit to my friend who gave me a positive reference for the position.

What is your average salary?

My average salary is $60,000

How long have you worked at you job?

I have worked as a business manager for the past 9 years

Did multiple years of experience help you to succeed in your job?

Yes, it did. My years of experience gave me the skills and confidence needed to succeed in this job. Without the background knowledge and experience, the responsibilities of my position would have been overwhelming, making it very difficult to succeed.

Who benefits from you job and how?

The Directors of the research programs and other staff members in the office benefit from my position. As the business manager, I am available daily to help with all the administration and staff concerns for the office. I also manage all the funds, making certain that all monies are spent appropriately. In this way, I help the programs to balance their funds and so avoid going into deficits. For the staff, I am there to enforce that they are paid on time, and to resolve any concerns or grievances that may occur.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is that it provides financial management skills and experience. I am able to meet and interact daily with other professional from whom I can learn additional working skills. In addition, the University provides an academically stimulating environment with opportunities to learn new ideas daily.

Would you trade your job in for another?

Yes, I would trade in my job for another where I can further utilize the skills I have acquired as a business manager. A position of promotion: giving me the opportunity to help another organization to grow both administratively and financially.

Is there anything that your would like to change about your job?

Yes, I would like to take charge of more responsibilities which would allow me to work more efficiently. In addition, I would like to see more opportunity for the administrative staff to advance.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to go into your profession?

It is important that you work towards having a bachelor's degree in business management, accounting or economics. During the period at college, seek employment in businesses which can give you some management skills and experience. This will be very helpful when you are ready to apply for a position as a business manager.


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