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Interview with a Lineman

February 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When there's a winter storm and you have two little kids in bed sleeping. The lights go out and the heat stops coming out of the register who do you think is out there, working in 20 below temps trying to get the heat back on so your kids can continue sleeping peacefully in a nice warm house. Its the Lineman by the name of Bill Denison also my Dad.

How long have you been a lineman?
Over 12 years

Have you always worked in Elkton as a lineman?

No, before coming to Elkton I worked in Sisseton for 8 months and in Blunt at Oahe REC. for 6

How did you get started?

I went to power-line school at Michell Tech.

What are the dangers of the job?

There are many hazards. One is electrical shock and another is being in traffic. The biggest
problem is falling objects that can kill you.

Who do you work with, if anyone?

Other lineman in the area.

How many calls do you get to go to work in one week?

It depends on weather and equipment, 1 a month to 2 or 3 a week.

Have you ever been injured or close to being injured on the job?

Not seriously hurt but a minor injury that could have been very bad when I was using the

chain host, it snapped back and cut my lip.

What are some benefit of this job?

Working outside

What's the best part of being a lineman?

Providing a service for the people that they need like turning on the lights when they go out.

What training do you need to be a lineman?

1 year at Michell Tech and about 3 years apprenticeship.

What are some important tips for the general public about safety around electricity?

Stay away from wires that are on the ground.

What kind of equipment do you operate every day?

I operate a bucket truck and more depending on the day and the job.

Do you enjoy your job?

Yes, I like my job because it's very rewarding when the lights go out and you can turn then

on and make people smile.

What's the worst call you have ever been on?

In 05 when the ice storm hit.

What motivated you to become a lineman?

While working for cable TV company, I worked by city lineman and saw that I could do
that job
and make more money.

How does the job change from season to season?

I don't change the weather does. We still do the same thing.

Does the job affect Family time?

Seldom, when I get calls on holidays.

Describe a typical day.

7:30am at the office load up the gear and go to the next job time.

Have you ever been in-charge of a crew?

Yes, a couple times I have been put in-charge of jobs.

Are there any memories that stand out?

Working up to 16 hour days during the ice storm to get people's lights back on.

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