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A Perfect Hero

September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Odysseus was an epic hero that shared many of the same heroic qualities as my hero, but unlike Odysseus my hero has no faults. This is because my hero is Jesus, Jesus from The Bible not the popular Spanish name pronounced “Hey Zeus.” Jesus was a true hero in the way that he reflects timeless values, saved lives, caused miracles that help people up to this day, and went on long journeys. I interviewed a friend of mine and he said “Jesus is an amazing hero.”

Jesus reflects many timeless values just like an epic hero would. Much like Odysseus, Jesus is hospitable. Jesus always let people crowd the place that He was staying in and welcomed everyone; consequently, Jesus even healed a man that could not walk just because the man’s friends had lower him in threw a hole they put in the roof. “Jesus was amazing in the way that he would hangout with everyone.” said my interviewee upon hearing my question about this. Jesus also showed kindness. He always helped sick people and being perfect he was never mean. Jesus reflects so many timeless values that I cannot list them all, and I have to go on to something else.

Jesus is also like an epic hero in the way that he changed peoples lives in the way that most heroes would. He was changed many people’s lives just by talking to those people. Many everyday heroes can do the same thing. Jesus talked to people about how to live better lives by doing better deeds like being generous. Jesus also saved people’s lives in the way a doctor that is someone’s hero might. He cured so many sick people and so many different illnesses. He cured blindness, paralysis, and even disease. Jesus accomplished many small feats that other heroes can, but the really amazing things were stuff that no one else could possibly accomplish.

The truly incredible things that Jesus did still affect everyone today and they are the reason that Jesus is my hero. The most awesome miracle that Jesus did was save us from sin. After asking about this my answer was, “Jesus is amazing to do that for us.” Jesus even rose from the dead. Jesus changed our culture extremely. Without Jesus most people in America would be Jewish. Jesus also caused miracles that may not still affect us directly like walking on water, and healing illnesses, but these miracles do prove that Jesus is the son of God. These miracles are great reasons for Jesus to be my hero, and there are still more.

Not only is Jesus a hero in these ways but he also was like an epic hero because of the Journeys he made. When Jesus went on many journeys to other countries so that he could teach people about God, some of these trips were very dangerous to the men that traveled with him, the disciples. They nearly had there ship destroyed, but Jesus saved them by stopping the storm in one story. Jesus’ journeys even led him to enemies, but there were, of course, no monsters like in The Odyssey. When I asked about this my friend said “Jesus’ life was definitely an exciting journey to bring everyone to God.”

As you can see Jesus is my hero for many reasons. Jesus was a true hero in the way that he reflects timeless values, saved lives, caused miracles that help people up to this day, and went on long journeys. Jesus saved everyone from sin, and is an amazing hero. My last question was about Jesus being a hero to my friend too and he replied, “Jesus is my hero too.” Maybe he is even your hero.

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