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   My dad has always been there for me and isunquestionably the most important person in my life.

My dad has arugged appearance. He's a real out-of-doors kind of guy, with a full,dark beard that fits perfectly into what he jokingly calls his"upper-lower class style." He is a big guy and extremelystrong, but he has a gentle touch when it's needed. Also, my dad ispractically the funniest human being who has ever set foot on thisplanet. When I feel as though everything in this world is going wrong,Daddy always says something humorous that touches me down in my soul.When I'm depressed, he calls me Cybil, my moody and obnoxious side. Thisalways makes me chuckle. My father is constantly joking around and has acontagious laugh that livens up every day.

My dad is alsoextremely adventurous. He can make even the most boring places seem funand exciting. Once in a blue moon, he'll take me putt-putt golfing.Although I find this sport monotonous, he makes it a zany experience.For this reason, my siblings and I call him "DisneylandDad."

Without my dad, the most important person in my life,it would be very hard for me to survive. When it comes to fathers, mineis a keeper.

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i love this so much!