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An Unrecognized Hero

January 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Heroes, a person real or fiction is someone that you love to look up to. Everyone has a hero, but everyone’s definition of a hero is different. As is mine, my hero isn’t just one person, it’s more of a type of person. This person you see every day at home. He is already your hero but you just don’t realize it yet. He is a father, one that can support and be there for his family. A father that can provide and give his family what they need to survive pleasantly. Make life at home great. Be their when needed and always has your back. Helps you with anything you need. And shows you how to succeed in life, and his one major goal is to make you have a better life than he has.
Now days so many couples are getting married just to divorce. Personally I think it’s sad and if they have a kid its even worse for the kid. The kid now has drama that he shouldn’t have to deal with. Before you join in marriage make sure it’s the person of your dreams not just a person that has money or some material possession. Make sure he is ready and can support a family one day. That’s my hero. Unexpected and simple but a very praiseworthy person that has not gotten the credit they should have. If you still don’t think so, think back. How much was your father there for you and tried to help you when needed. Yes they make mistakes but so does everyone else. So when you go home, thank him for being their and for being your father.

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