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Brother: Jordan B. MAG

By Anonymous

     Nine years ago my brother Jordan was born with adisability called arthrogryposis. He can't walk and probably never will. His leftarm is deformed and he only has half of his right arm. He can move his arms andlegs, but can't bend them. Ever since he was born, he's had to have physicaltherapy, braces for his legs and a wheelchair.

Jordan is a straight-Astudent. He has a cuff that goes on his stub for a pen or pencil to hook onto sohe can write, but sometimes he takes the easy way out and puts the pen in hismouth. All the kids at school treat him as though he isn't handicapped. He has anaide who helps him do work and whatever he needs.

My family and I live ina mobile home, and as you probably know, mobile homes are small. We want a housevery much, but need a custom-made one for my brother, which would be expensive.Both my parents work full-time, and though we don't lack the basics, we don'thave enough space.

It's really hard for us to do activities as a familybecause Jordan can't do some things. We can only go places that are handicappedaccessible. Bowling and activities like that are impossible. It's not fair forhim to sit and watch us have fun.

It's also hard to go places becausepeople stare and laugh at him. My parents are accustomed to the stares, ruderemarks and questions, but it makes me angry. One time a little girl was staringat Jordan. She went to her mom, who said something I couldn't hear. Then the girlwalked over to my mom and asked if she had been on drugs when she was pregnantwith my brother. My mom never did drugs, and it's not her fault my brother wasborn with this disability.

If everyone could realize that it doesn'tmatter what's on the outside but rather what is on the inside that matters, theworld would be a much nicer place.

I'm proud of my family. I'm proud of myparents for their determination and love. I'm proud of myself because I do what Ican to help my brother. Most of all, I'm proud of Jordan. His courage andpositive attitude are an inspiration. He's a genuine hero.

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