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By Anonymous

     Protecting the President, rescuing people, riskinghis life - these are characteristics that could label my dad a hero. As alieutenant in the State Police, he risks his life every day. His main concern isthe safety of others. A Vietnam veteran, he has done a lot to be proud of, butyou would never hear any of that from him. He is modest about everything he does.Many think he is a hero for the lives he has saved, his risky job and his warefforts. I see him as a hero for entirely different reasons.

My dad isalways there to make me smile. He and my mom come to all my swim meets, even whenthey are far away. My dad is there to do laundry and drive me wherever I need togo. He was there to take care of me while my mom worked when I was a baby, andhe'd then work the night shift.

My dad is always the one to call when youneed help. My maternal grandparents consider him one of their own (and favorite)children. My dad is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to help them. Hehas this magical talent for fixing anything broken. Even after I give up tryingto make the DVD player work, somehow he can always make it cooperate.

Mydad is always there to answer my questions, whether about schoolwork, life or thelatest Red Sox game. I know I can talk to him about anything. We share anuncommon bond. He is more like my friend than my dad. We like the same movies,television shows and would both rather watch a Patriots game than"Oprah." My dad is sitting right there next to me, cheering on the hometeam when we are on one of our famous sports dates. A Red Sox game is just not aRed Sox game without my dad cheering on Nomar.

My dad is not only a heroin my eyes, but in the eyes of the community, too.

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i love this so much!