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My Grandma Is...

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

My grandma is....

A great big hug when we say hello,
and a kiss on the cheek when we say good bye.
A giggle when I say a joke,
and a hug when I shed a tear.

My grandma is...

Smile after smile as we grow,
and a hint of frown, not wanting to let go of our earliest youth.
Time after time, and memory after memory of our cherished moments.
A swollen heart, filled with love.

My grandma is...

Who I think of as a run down the beach of Bear Lake, sand slipping between my toes.
The one who comes to mind as I make cookies, remembering my favorite activity at her house.
The person I wrote poem after poem and story after story about in Elementary School.
Who is always in my prayers, always in my dreams, and forever in my heart.

My grandma is...
Strong and brave.
Loving and sensitive.
A past of laughter. A past of tears.
An endless story...still unraveling.

My grandma is...
The only one allowed to call me Bubba.
The woman I admire, and who I am proud to call my grandmother.

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