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The Sunflower

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

There once was a Sunflower. She had an evil step mom, nobody ever liked that flower. They all knew that she was hiding something, a secret. But what? The Sunflower had no idea what the secret was. She had so many ideas to find out the secret, and told all of her other flower friends. “How are you going to be able to do that” her friend the Tulip said. The Sunflower had a plan all set out, and told them very quietly. “Do you guys promise not to tell anyone?” the Sunflower pleaded.

The next day the Sunflower had woken, she walked down stairs and over heard her stepmother talking to her evil stepsisters, who would always make fun of her and tell rumors about her. She sat down quietly so they wouldn’t be able to hear her. She sat there and listened. “I am going to rule the world!” said her evil stepmother. “Can we help?” asked her stepsisters. “Yes, you may.” The stepmother had said.

Sunflower went around and told everyone her evil stepmother’s and stepsister’s planned to take over the world. She tried to get everyone’s attention and get him or her to help. Everyone listened carefully, as Sunflower had told him or her what her plan was. Everyone had agreed and Sunflower had put them in groups and gave each group a job. Everyone went off. They all came back with success! “Great job everyone!” Sunflower announced, “we have defeated my evil step mother and step sisters!” she said. Everyone cheered loud and was very proud of them! Everything went well for Sunflower, and everyone else, well except for her evil stepmother and stepsisters.

The End

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