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The Daughter, The Hero

April 24, 2008
By Anonymous

One day I thought was like any other turned out to be a day I’ll never forget. The day when everything turned horribly wrong. My mother and I were going to drive out and get fresh spring water like we have been doing for a few years before and just a few weeks ago. It was a wonderfully beautiful summer day so we headed out to the car. We stopped on our porch because my mom decided she wanted to wear a hat. She stands on the stairs and reaches for an old baseball cap and puts it on her head. We walk out of the porch and I’m at the car all of a sudden I hear a scream and turn around. I see my mom grabbing off her hat and stomping on it. She grabs her head and walks over to our bench. I ask her what is wrong and she tells me that there was a bee nest in the ball cap.

I start to panic. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if my mom were not allergic to bees. But she has a really bad allergy to bees. This could kill her. I see her face turning purple. She yells for me to get her epipen in the car. I run to the car and get it, run back but that was just a waste of time because the epipen was out of date and will not work. I run inside and get a phone as I run back out I dial 911. As I am practically yelling at the lady on the other end of the phone I notice my moms throat swelling and her face getting puffy and turning a dark shade of red that it almost looks purple.

I explain to the lady what had happened. She tells me that an ambulance is on its way and for me to stay clam for my mother’s sake. I hang up the phone and walk calmly over to my mom. I tell her help is on its way and then I go into the house and get some ice. She places it on her head. Her face is practically purple and she can hardly breathe or talk. Approximately ten minutes go by but it feels like ten hours. I call 911 again. As I yell into the phone saying how help isn’t here yet I hear sirens coming down the road. Then an ambulance pulls into our drive and my mom walks over. I tell the lady they are here and I hung up. I walk over my mom and help her to the paramedics.

In the ambulance the paramedics give my mom this medicine. I’m not sure what it is but it does the trick. My moms swelling goes down and it’s a lot easier for her to breathe now. Her face is back to its normal peachy color and she looks a ton better. I am so happy that she is not going to die!

At the hospital we don’t have to wait in the waiting room because we got there by ambulance. But we wait back in our own little room for about three hours until we are able to leave. Doctors come and go. They give her a new epipen. And tell us we are free to go. We call my sister and tell her all that happened. My sister rushes over to the hospital to get us. Jumps out of the car and hugs my mom. She is thrilled that she is ok. We all get into my sister’s car and head home.

When we get home my sister has to leave to. My mom and I sit on the couch and watch television. My mom thanks me for helping her. I tell her it’s what I am here for and that I love her. She then says, “I love you more.” And we continue to watch television.

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