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My Jordans

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

It had happened she finally caved,
She had finally bought the shoes that I wanted
Many called them over priced but I didn’t think so
$150 and I knew they would be worth every penny

Just wearing those brand new white shiny sneakers made me feel good
I could hear the envy in their voices when they broached the subject
I knew they were looking and I loved it
They saw the white top half of the shoe,
Embroidered with his symbol
The bottom half was equally beautiful,
Black patent leather layered the normal areas neglect for any shoes
They were versatile enough to be dress shoes if I wanted that
Or do anything I needed
The style were too cool to ignore

When I sped around the court it was swift and smooth,
Like my feet floated on a feathery landscape
The soles eased any impact on my feet,
It was as if I was playing barefoot except I had an edge
Jumping seemed easier than ever
I felt as if I could get higher than ever before,
Soar to the rim like a plane ascending during takeoff
Just as he made famous
When I heard the Swoosh my mind wanders
I feel like my idol in every way
Reliving his moments of greatest triumph
Like all his young fans did imaging that one day they would be him
They were the greatest shoes in the whole world
That’s why they were taken

I got surrounded by those thugs, they just took the shoes and my bike
It wasn’t just me, it was going on everywhere
“Were people really killing people over a pair of shoes” people questioned,
I understood why to an extent
These shoes were part of the culture,
More so than any shoes ever had been
Never have my shoes been that important

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