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The roaring 1920’s

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

The roaring 1920’s was the era of jazz, flappers, women working, men coming back from World War I, the beginning years of Prohibition, as well as many other things. Everything began to boom. The 1920’s stands out as the time of rapid change in American society. Many of the returning war veterans and even ones that had stayed at home started to question what led them to war.There questioning lead many to challenge traditional values which led to a revolution in manners and morals.

The flapper was the symbol for this revolution. The flapper was a new breed of woman that was rebellious, drank, smoked, voted,had short hair and wore short dresses. The flapper lifestyle wasn’t invoked by all but her image had a wide impact on fashion and one ones behavior.

Flappers are called floozy and maybe some were but I admire them because of what they stood for. In a time where woman weren't able to do many things like the men. These woman did. They are inspiration because they were the rebels of there time.

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