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America's Greatest Renaissance Woman

March 31, 2008
By Anonymous

"I believe that each of us comes from the creator trailing wisps of glory". Inducted in 1990 was one of the greatest quotes in history spoken in determination, power, strength, and character by both a poet and historian Maya Angelou.

America's most admiring and remarkable renaissance woman who's work raised consciousness and spirits of many African American women trying to overcome prejudice and lack of power made a difference in many womens' lives.

As a transcendent actor, teacher, playwright, civil rights activist, and much more Dr. Angelou is a potent mix of the spiritual and the earthy. The being legend of both life and work Angelou's secret to aspiring writers is to read, and read aloud to hear your language sounds both in your mouth and in your ears.

"Being a natural writer is like being a natural open-hearted surgeon" Says Angelou. The soul of an inspirational and spiritual writer takes the most used, familiar object nouns, pronouns, adverbs and ball them together to make them bounce, turning them a certain way to make people get into a romantic and bellicose mood.

As a prolific writer having written 20 books, and 6 volumes of poetry Maya thinks that everyone has a "conscious didactic" purpose when they write. Telling the truth can obscure and opinionate that many facts will never get to the truth.

"The feeling of success is being able to look into the mirror when you brush your teeth in the morning and like yourself, the person you want to be and the person you're trying to become", Angelou says as she state that knowing yourself is true success.

In conclusion of Angelou as a writer, poet, loquacious speaker, historian, journalist, activist, filmmaker, singer, actor, and storyteller she uplifts the spirits of all those who treads her work and hears her melodious voice: Women, Black Americansall Americans.

Dr. Angelou's warmth and presence are two of her most significant strengths as a speaker setting an example for those who feel they "can't".

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