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To All Firefighters

October 29, 2007
By Pippy<3 BRONZE, Trussville, Alabama
Pippy<3 BRONZE, Trussville, Alabama
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To All Firefighters

Everyday I see your shiny red truck or hear your loud roaring sirens; at that moment all I think is, “hmm, there goes a fire truck.” What I don’t think about is whether or not every firefighter will return from that fire. What I don’t think about is their family at home silently worrying about their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. All I see is a big red shiny fire truck. At first sight that truck is just like the toy I played with when I was a kid. However, I know deep down that truck is a symbol for real life heroes, but in this comic book they are not always invincible.
So for every firefighter still saving our sorry tail ends and for all the previous firefighters that are getting a much deserved retirement; I just want to say thank you.
Thank you for saving me from that fire last spring.
Thank you for coming to my school and teaching me how to climb out of a window and make escape plans in case of an emergency.
Thank you for lighting the pilot light on my house when it went out last winter.
Thank you for coming so quickly to check my house when we thought we smelled smoke and it was nothing.

Thanks for teaching me the importance of installing smoke detectors.
Thank you for getting my kitten out of the tree.
Thank you for coaxing the suicidal person off the bridge.
Thank you for getting my terrified dog out from under the hot porch last summer.
Thank you for getting there first and keeping grandma stable when she had that heart attack.
Thank you for driving around my neighborhood and memorizing every street so that you know exactly where to go and the fastest way to get there.
Thanks for arriving first on the scene of dreadful accidents and enduring the horrific nightmares that come along with that responsibility.
Thank you for the unmentioned, unknown tasks that you do every day without appreciation.
Thank you for taking this job with low pay so you can save my life even though you may have to take a second job to make ends meet.
Thank you for risking your life to save mine.
Thank you for your courage, loyalty, strength and self-sacrifice.
A million thanks to you and your brave family whose courage and support allow you to do all the astonishing things you do for me. Firefighters… you are and will always remain the Guardian Angels of our community, state and nation.

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