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October 14, 2007
By Anonymous


She’s rich. She’s famous. She has her very own TV show and magazine. She’s a good person and an outstanding role model. Who is she? Oprah Winfery. If I could switch places with anybody in the entire world for one day, Oprah Winfery would be my top choice.

Doesn’t everybody, in some point of their life, wish they were rich? I know I have. If I was Oprah, I would go shopping in Paris, Milan, and Italy. I would definitely go shoe shopping for designer labels. One of my favorite things to shop for is a purse. If I was Oprah for a day, I would absolutly go on a handbag shopping spree! Also, I always envied people with nice cars. If I was rich for one day, I would definitely buy an extraordinary car to get me from point A to point B. I would also have a chauffer complete with a limousine, in which I ride to the airport while I travel all across the globe.

Another wonderful thing about Oprah is that she is an excellent person. She recently spent over $64 million building girls’ schools in Africa, so if I could switch places with her, I would help poor public schools. I would help them get things such as textbooks, so more children could go to college, then there would be less homeless people. Another thing I would do as Oprah is donate money to suffering children in Africa. Also, I would provide money for animal shelters. I think it is so sad how so many puppies die every day just because they don’t have homes. If I was rich and powerful like Oprah, I could help them!

It seems to me that everybody dreams of being a TV star. Try having your very own show! If I could switch places with Oprah, I would get to be viewed by millions of viewers on my very own talk show! Not only is she on TV every day, she gets to meet famous celebrities quite often! Also, Oprah has her own magazine. I always thought the idea of owning a magazine would be entertaining, because I love reading all different kinds of magazines. And, if I was Oprah, I’d make the cover! Along with the TV show and magazine comes lots and lots of fame. I’ve always wanted to sign an autograph!

So, If I could switch places with anybody in the world for one day, it would unquestionably be Oprah Winfery. Even though she is old, she is famous, rich, and nice. Plus, she has her own magaine and TV show. Where can you go wrong?

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