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February 28, 2009
By Darlene Bueno BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Darlene Bueno BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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My freshman year of High School was awesome, it was unbelievable. I was away from home, a forty-five minute bus route, but I loved it. There was so much school spirit, all of our teams were the best, and I was proud to say I attended Lane Tech.
The following year, I transferred to my community high school, for personal issues. I was disappointed at the fact that I would no longer see all my new friends, and was afraid of having to start all over again. Bad energy causes a bad time; therefore my sophomore year was horrible. Sure, academically I was doing fine, but High School had a whole different meaning here. It was as if I was at a mall, the students didn't care, and most of the teachers just shrugged problems off. I was surprised to see how little school spirit they had; the students would boo at the football team, cheerleading team, and the wrestlers team. It was horrible.
The beginning of this year we had a new principle, he is determined to make our school's reputation a positive one, and is doing a great job. Along with all the new administration at my school, there are also a lot of new student teachers. Ms. Kuologeorge was a student teacher at the beginning of the school year, I had seen her in my A.P English class a few times but I had no idea who she was.
A former friend decided to start a dance/cheerleading squad at my school, I thought it was a great idea and helped her with auditions and routines. Our principle was so happy with our hard work and dedication, he stopped by one day after school and told us there was a student teacher that was a cheerleader and would love to help us. Who knew, it'd be Ms.Koulogeorge.

Ms.Kuologeorge is young, she just graduated college, she is smart, beautiful and so supportive. She helped our squad with routines, cheers, and even uniforms. Our school has never had "school spirit". We practiced hard, five days a week, 3 hours a day. We went to every single basketball game, they guys would ask Ms. K for the cheerleaders. Girls in the stands, do the cheers with us, everyone asks about The Cheerleaders. Our basketball team, we made it to Play-offs this year. Our school has school spirit, there's a sense of joy and pride.
However, she not only helped our school, but she's been my mentor. She took a group of students to Illinois State University for a tour and shadow. She stays after school every day, and helps us finding private scholarships, and is helping a group of students learn how to write a personal statement.
She doesn't get paid extra money to stay after school, and she doesn't get paid as a coach, because she just recently became a teacher. She's one of the most committed teachers I've ever met, she's determined to make a difference, and in her first months of teaching has already made an impact in my school.
She's also made an impact in mine. I've never been interested in College. My plans were always to graduate from high school, and figure something out, because I thought financially it'd be impossible. Ms. K has told me again and again, that impossible is nothing, and I am the only one who can decide what will happen in my future. I have been applying for scholarships, and have decided in becoming an English teacher. One day, I want to change student's lives, and show them, just as Ms. K showed me- impossible is nothing.

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