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Lawrence A. Weber - Social Studies Teacher

October 23, 2008
By Ellen Torres SILVER, Bronx, New York
Ellen Torres SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Lawrence Weber has been my social studies teacher for two years now, and it didn’t take me long to realize how amazing he is. My class knows he is truly dedicated to his work and to the teens he teaches. Once you’ve spent one period in his class, you can tell how much he loves history and how much fun he really is. Mr. Weber could go for hours teaching social studies and enjoy it as much as we would. He’s been published in a number of magazines. He has inspired me in so many ways that I never thought possible.

When I first saw Mr. Weber, I was in fifth grade and thought he was just another mean teacher who taught only to make a living. Boy, was I wrong! I realized that in seventh grade when I was in his class. He really devotes himself to his work and always tries to make sure that his students leave class with new knowledge of whatever topic was discussed. He shares information that he’s learned whether recently or from the past.

I learned over the course of two years in his class that Mr. Weber loves a good debate. He’s a little weird, but you just can’t help but love him because he’s such an interesting person. Even when he’s upset, he never blows up like some teachers do. He’s just different in a really good way.

With all our assignments, he tries to write supportive comments wherever he can. It’s not only these small comments that make a difference; it’s the fact that he actually is interested in what kids have to say and how they feel.

I remember once I was having a horrible week and I broke down crying during lunch. Mr. Weber came over to ask me what was wrong, and he listened and tried to help me through that bump in my road.

I find that I have a lot of fun in his class and I look forward to it the most. It’s not just me, by the way, who notices that Mr. Weber is so passionate about what he does for a living; many graduates will tell you that he’s one of the best teachers they ever had.

Mr. Weber teaches with his mind and his heart. He’s a wonderful person and one of the greatest teachers I know. Although his class is sometimes really hard, all he asks is that we try our best. I never loved history as much as I do now because I never had the drive to learn more about it. Mr. Weber has motivated me to write and share my thoughts with others and give reasons for my opinions. I am grateful to be a student of his.

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