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Kathie Chvojicek

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Most kids who have had Mrs. Chvojicek would love her because of how she teaches and her funny personality. I wasn’t sure about how she was going to react to having me in class, because I am not a fast learner. But Mrs. Chvojicek somehow always kept me up with all the other kids, with out having to meet individually, out side of the classroom.
Mrs. Chvojicek is one of many math teachers that I have had over the years of high school and she is the best teacher I have had. Somehow Mrs. Chvojicek gets to know her students and how they learn, knowing if they are a visual learner or a auditory learner. With her lectures and her drawings. I had gotten the best grades in math, from having her as my teacher.
Somehow Mrs. Chvojicek knows how to drill the material into my head without taking to much time. Having a test every Friday got me to really learn the material.
I think that Mrs. Chvojicek should get the teacher of the year, for being the best and nicest teacher in Wisconsin.

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