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Ms. Jorgensen-Creative Writing

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Most would sulk in thought of having to write anything, but not in this class, not with Miss Jorgensen's enthusiasm. She's the one who's making me write an essay and I was actually eager to start. Anytime something new is assigned she hypes us up for it, making it sound enjoyable rather than homework.
I took Creative Writing solely because I needed my credit for English class. To put it simply, I don't like to write and I try to avoid it as much as possible. It's not that I can't write or my ideas are insufficient, I just never found an interest in it until I wrote for something that mattered. I found that writing doesn't just have to sit in a stack of other papers with no potential of going anywhere, except maybe a recycle bin. My writing can go places; it can be part of something. That's what Miss Jorgensen taught us and I believe that it's one of the more important subjects of high school: doing something that actually matters. It helps that this class provides the ability to partake in competitions and other enjoyable opportunities, but it's the extra kick that she gives to make us want to participate.
Covering Miss Jorgensen's classroom walls are posters of student's work who've achieved in former writing competitions. These students have been published in books, newspapers, or the school's literary magazine "Eclectic Soup," which she is an advisor for. She gets excited about her students' achievement and is constantly sending e-mails, reminding us to send in our work. She wants us to excel and she makes us want to, too. She acknowledges our work and shows us that it isn't trivial; it'™s worth something. Not everyone can make you feel that way, especially teachers.

For someone who doesn't love writing, you can guess that a class named Creative Writing might be dreadful. The thought of learning to write better, including grammar lessons doesn't sound too appetizing until you've experienced being a student of Miss Jorgensen.
To quote a classic, she's like a spoonful of sugar; she makes the medicine go down - the medicine being knowledge, of course. It's easy to learn how to be a better writer because she makes it fun, adding a jolt of energy to everything. Miss Jorgensen creates an amusing and exhilarating ambiance and unquestionably deserves the title of Educator of the Year.

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egg_nog247 said...
on Dec. 3 2008 at 3:19 am
I love the way she used "spoonful of sugar"! How creative!

Sounds like this teacher is really motivating and fun to be around.