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what's wrong with me?

March 8, 2010
By wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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is there someone out there for me? as i walk doen the halls through life it seems as though everyone has someone to relie on, except for me. What do I do wrong that makes me have no one? I open my heart to everyone but am i that worthless that not a single person can open their heart to me? I'm sorry not worthy of you guys. If you base being with me on my mistakes then i'm sorry I worked on them and even still that shouldn't matter. Please give me a chance. Let me show you that i'm not who you think I am. I dont no what it feels like to be appreciated or loved so teach me. Show me. Show me what being lo0ved feels like. If your my prince charming come rescue your cinderella. Appartenly my fairy mother isn't coming.

My number that represents me may only be 17 but i dont feel that way. I had to be a parent at age nine; when my parents were going through a divorce i had to watch my younger sister, going back and forth through houses. My dad even forced me to protect me through his constant incompetence to what was going on around him, and his heart ache. But, no matter how close we once were it doesn't matter he left me for his new family. See matured. and thats not even the half of it, thats just the simplest side.

Tell me what's wrong with me anonymous bystander. I just want to show people im not what they expect.

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