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January 29, 2008
By Anonymous

what matters here is the cliques that we have everywere.everbody is all into there own opinion is that if we all stuck together and didnt separate ourselves so much then we wouldnt have all these conflicts in the world.i wrote a speach in language arts about this. for what i beleive in and i think that this is a very good article. people should really think about what im trying to say. it makes sense and it is a very important topic, but people in this world say that there americans and we are better than every body alse. well you know what i don't really think that were you live gets to decide how much of a good person you are, or if your better than every body else. that is my opinion about the cliques in this world. it annoys me to death and im sure it annoys you. this all just needs to stop. well, thats my opinion.

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