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Society: Take 1

November 18, 2010
By merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
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Within each manifestation of society, whether it be present or past, there lies stagnation. Each society possess, in all of its levels of differentiation, the potential to stagnate, the position to reach a desired level or manner of behavior, and then cease to pursue any extended modes of discovery. In its infancy society labels for itself a goal, and then utilizes any means necessary to achieve that goal. Society gives no caution to its whereabouts or any persons witnessing its ascension (for society revels in exposure, as a child who revels in the attention of newcomers). Society cares not if it tramples the hearts, minds or aspirations of any who dare to impose obstacle against its intentions (however dubious they may be). Society, the genius that time has made it, has become a mastermind of articulation: whatsoever desires it has taken upon itself to defend and propagate, said desire will most assuredly witness its end (however improper and unjust the desire may appear).
Society, since its inception, has been in the process of perfection (not in the sense of beauty, in the sense of corruption). Society has been, and will always be in the business of creating and implementing new methods upon its (obligatorily) loyal subjects. Human nature is to seek accommodation and domination (history has proven that without structure humanity will ensure into a repetitive and chaotic pattern). Humanity has, seemingly subconsciously, taken it upon itself to be subject to jurisdiction (for there is, after ages of societal instruction, the inherent knowledge that they lack capacity to care for themselves). Society recognized early on humanity’s uncertainty, their need for direction, and preyed upon that flaw: crippling humanity’s capability for any level of extroversion (extroversion in that humanity now holds only menial levels of retention for any sort of independent status).
Seeing as society has hobbled humanity’s inclination towards self-sufficiency, it is therefore responsible for most, if not all, of humanity’s vagrants, despondents, and delinquents. For society, from its birth to its matriculation, establishes sets of rules and rigor and imposes them upon its attendees (we are all only attendees of society, though we relish in the belief that we grasp capability to, at any given moment, cast down such society for a more suitable position). Upon such impositions, humanity, being society’s attendees and therefore seeking assistance, adopt such rigorous instructions. After such an adoption has occurred, humanity engages in conformity (whether it be evident to the individual or to a higher degree or not) and subsequently devotes itself to the servitude of society (society has constructed the context in which we live, the parameters, so by course of pattern we are all devoted to society in one form or another). Once society has ascertained and assessed its minions (not all are competent or worthy to do society’s bidding) it employs them to its own defense, and nothing else.

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I chose the category "Hot Topics" because as long as humanity exists within an organized pattern, society will be demanded; and as long as soceity will be demanded, it will be debated, making it a "Hot Topic".

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