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December 12, 2007
By Anonymous


Discrimination is a very serious matter. It has many dangerous effects including suicide, murder, and bullying. Having a different skin color, religion, gender, nationality, or even appearance, or nationality. The effects are crucial and discrimination needs to be stopped.

To begin with, being jealous is to show extreme cupidity. Lets say a jealous person is named Bob. The person Bob is jealous of is Bill. Jealousy can lead to serious things, hence discrimination. Bob is SO jealous of Bill because their name starts with the same letter he decides to murder him. That is BAD.

Secondly, appearance can also lead to discrimination. Not all people are born beautiful and their appearance is an important matter because of discrimination. People are pressured to make changes to their body and face so that people will think better of them. For example, Michael Jackson bleached his skin just so fans would buy his CDs.

Thirdly, most people don't understand things about different nationalities. People make fun o other people for their nationality. For example, just because someone is Mexican or Black, they will make jokes about them using racial slurs. Also kids make fun of other kids that are mexican and call them illegal.

In conclusion, discrimination is very serious. It is very common among people and it is spreading across the world quickly. To help, spread the word about AVOIDING discrimination. It will make the world a better place.

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