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Beautiful Simplicity

March 4, 2010
By francinejar SILVER, Chino Hills, California
francinejar SILVER, Chino Hills, California
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God and the devil are raging inside me.

Since the dawn of time I would be willing to wager that mankind has always asked what is the purpose of life. Most answers have religious values that you can extricate from
them, others not so much. In fact, now-a-days most people just prefer to skip that question all together because its inevitable that at some point in their lives that
question will pop up. Those are the types of people that just prefer to go through the motions. But if there's one thing mankind has in common, spiritually, its that we
all want to love and be loved, no matter how cliche that sounds I hold that phrase to be true. Though I guess one might say there is no such thing as true love, I guess one might also say just look at all the divorces. For me, divorces are a product of distractions. Over the centuries people just started taking things for granted, as well as
their significant others. Maybe they just didn't realize what was most important to them, like Ludwig Wittgenstein once said "the aspects of living things that are most
important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity". Now quotes are left to be interpreted from the readers mind but my mind is thinking that what
Ludwig is referring to is love at its bleakest and most beautiful. I mean, you can't expect love to always be butterflies in your stomach and pink cheeks. That's only the
beginning because inevitably you fall into a daily routine and you overlook the simple little things that your spouse does and that's where relationships start to crumble.
You just assume that your coffee mug is going to be waiting for you on the counter or that you'll receive your random 3 in the afternoon "i love you" text. Now I'm a
skater and when I'm standing at the edge of a pool about to drop in i get this adrenaline rush pulsing through my veins and I feel like I'm going to puke and I'm scared
and I'm shaking but I jump in anyway and that rush is gone in a instant and the memory of it becomes distant because now I'm left surfing the concrete walls and it's simple and it's second nature, but more than that it's beautiful simplicity. Maybe love is like dropping into an 8 foot empty pool, its terrifying but that rush you get is
worth it, I mean you might just die. That euphoric feeling though it wanes and now your stuck riding the walls and most people they're not as in tune with their
emotions as a skater, they don't see the utter beauty in the simple everyday things that their partner does. They are all still hooked on the adventure romance novels
they are reading, but those books end when the main characters find out they're in love. So where are the books on salvaging your marriage because your taking all
the beautiful simple things for granted? Oh right they're in the marriage counseling section.

The author's comments:
I just think love should be simple.

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