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Black Out

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

"Amanda give me back the remote"! my brother yelled at me as we fought over what we wanted to watch. "No I dont wanna watch any more cartoons"I said back to him. He looked at me with an upset face and finally let the remote go. "Finally" I said to myself with a sigh.I reached to turn on the television when all of a sudden it was pitch black around us.I got up and checked the light switch, it didnt work. I looked at my brother who was cying hysterically due to the darkness. "Amanda what happened" he asked wiping away his tears. "Im not sure" I replied. "The power must have gone out during the storm." It was hurricane season and the storm was pssing through". "Im scared" my brother said holding me tightly."Mom hired me to to watch you and thats exactly what im going to do".

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