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September 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Rewind, open to Emily’s house behind two green houses; it was sixth grade, the year I was inseparable from my best friends Katie, Emily and Justine. Looking back on it, it all seems so long ago in reality it was no more than 4 years ago. Those were some of the best days of my life; this day in particular was amazing. I ran up the wood stairs up to Emily’s room. Back then it was all white, and plain in the corner was her brother and sister sitting on the floor staring up at a card table with Nintendo. This was all normal, her little brother and sister always bothered us. Everything seemed normal, but something didn’t seem right. I stared into the middle of the room, there were 2 sheets tied to the rafter and tied in the middle, which resembled a swing. This was what was unusual, I called Emily downstairs, and she ran up wearing her “yoga” outfit which was purple, hideous and not used for yoga. “What?” She screamed as she bounded up the stairs. She came next to me, my mouth still open. She took a leap down to the swing and swung on her stomach. I smiled and commended her on her new invention. Katie ran up the stairs as I was swinging and Emily was playing Mario. To my surprise Katie already knew about it and was not as amused as I was. Justine came about an hour later; we were already drowning in ice cream and pretzels. Justine being well, Justine jumped on to the swing and swung upside down for a good minute. We ran to a drawer and got out our favorite thing in the world, Emily’s video camera. We filmed each other on the swing and reenacted The Wild Thornberries (in our defense The Wild Thornberries were almost cool then). After getting inside of the sheets and spinning each other numerous times we had enough, and an idea. Together with the help of many chairs and sheets we constructed a hammock about 3 feet above the ground, but that wasn’t good enough, we all needed a seat. After all of us had gotten a seat we got a little carried away making about 2 seats each, if not more. I was growing tired, as were they. It was two, and we knew Justine would be up at 6, she was like our alarm clock. We woke up at about 6:30 because someone couldn’t entertain herself until 7. We woke up and immediately got on to our hammocks. Katie got down from the top which was about 5 feet above the ground and ran to blast “Build Me up Buttercup” which was our favorite. Once she climbed back up Emily’s dad ran up the stairs and just stared at us. We expected him to praise us but instead he screamed,” WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Do you even know what those rafters are made of? They are hollow, Emily they are decoration, those could break any second get out!” We all jumped out as fast as we could. Our adventure and or fun had ended, but we will always remember that time we made the hammock. Now, I am sure if you ask any of us this day will be fresh in our minds it as one of those childhood moments when we felt free.

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