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“The Pain of Tears”

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

“The Pain of Tears”

In the deepest moments of life, there is an innermost fear.

The fear of tears, the pain of it, it’s so much to take.

Not knowing when to stop and when to start.

For most people it’s so simple to cry, but for some it’s very

Impossible, we all have emotions that Run wild, but in most cases we

Try to hide all the Pain, too afraid of what will happen, to me,

It all seems so confusing, love, hate, pain, Tears….at times there is

Never anyone there to share our feelings with, because there is no

One there to listen to what we have to say, just open our hearts and

Express what we have to say, because in the end there will be

Hugs and kisses!

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