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The Script

April 22, 2016
By Nated315 DIAMOND, Georgetown, New York
Nated315 DIAMOND, Georgetown, New York
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Truth has many shades. It's not a matter of black and white, but many grays.

"Why can't I play with that Barbie doll??? I'm not hurting anything"

"Because they are for GIRLS, and you are a BOY. You can't play with dolls, you can't wear pink, you can't paint your nails, you can't have long hair, you can't... You CAN'T!!!"


This always seems to be the issue and has been so ever since I can remember. It brings me to tears. Honestlty.

I can't seem to understand why some things are manly and taboo for girls. And why are some things too girly for men? It's always been like that.

Parents are trying to form their children to a specific mold without giving their child's wants, sexuality, or genger expression a second thought.

This type of parental behaviour, to me is damaging and painful to the child's mental and emotional development. The child should be able to explore and find out who ther really are.

Parents are constantly writing a script for their children and hovering like vultures. The pounce with tremendous power whenever the poor victimized child dares to venture off of the script.

"Don't cross your legs, you're a boy."

"You need more makeup, you look like a boy."

"you can't play the flute, it's too feminine."

"Wrestling is for boys, and so is football. Don't even try."

"Man up."

"Big boys don't cry."

"Don't burp like that. It's not lady-like."

The script is painful and demeaning. It trys to fit everyone into two molds, the typical boy or typical girl. 

I'm done with this script. When I get home, I'm going to tear it to miniscule pieces and burn them.   

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