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August 27, 2013
By Ravenclawprincess1123 BRONZE, Deep River, Connecticut
Ravenclawprincess1123 BRONZE, Deep River, Connecticut
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SOPA the Stop Online Piracy Act seems innocent enough until you learn more about it. SOPA means that things such as making covers of songs, posting fan art, writing fan fiction, as well as many other common things will become illegal. With SOPA you can face 1,000 dollar fines and as much as three years in prison. SOPA has many people opposing it. Please help to stop SOPA.

Now why would anybody want SOPA? The reason is with online piracy being such a huge problem there does need to be measures taken, however SOPA makes things that are not harmful seem horrible. You can help stop SOPA simply go to whitehouse.gov got to petitions and sign every signature counts so please sign to stop SOPA.

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