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Im Me

June 30, 2008
By Anonymous

When i walk down town of new york city im often looked at wierd when i buy something expensive i am always looked at in a questioning way as if because of where i live and the shade of my skin its a surprise that im able to afford something i have a shade of color like no other i have the perfect instincs like the perfect mother my shade of color is like no other just the other day i found my self geting looked at while i was playing ball mind you i was playing a boy when i jumped up with victory and success i was looked at as if i was just joking that i had won is it because im a woman that i can play is because my stereotype says while the boys go out i should stay and just make friends with other me and im proud and strong my aunt roslyn who in a better place told me be who you know you are not who you think and i know who i am im me!

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