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We Must All Stand Together

December 3, 2011
By Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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Every day across the United States there are kid that are bullied. You have been bullied, I have been bullied, and almost all kids at one time or another have been made fun of to the point where it emotionally hurt them in some way. We will never forget these moment’s in times when we felt so alone. When we felt as if we weren’t good enough. For most of us this has happened a few times and we got past it easily.

For others on the other hand it is a daily thing. Every day they are tormented. Every day they hide from people because they are hurt over and over again. They go through life feeling as if they are ugly, weird, or just hated. They can’t face themselves when they look in the mirror. They question themselves and ask “Am I what they say I am?” These kids are full of so much pain and hurt. Most of all, people cant see the pain they have within them. Most of the time, even their parents have no idea what’s going on. They don’t know that their child is a ticking time bomb. The bullied have emotions piling under the surface ready to explode.

Some kids are strong enough that this doesn’t affect them like others. However, they are effected deeply within. I am a strong person spiritually and emotionally. All through elementary school I was teased and hated on for no reason at all other then the fact that I dressed differently and was smarter then other people. I was hated on. I was treated like dirt. Then in middle school my own friends exiled me and tormented me. For a long time I hated myself and who I was. I hated the fact that I was smart. I hated the fact that I was very pale. However, instead of letting it drag me down any further. I fought for confidence. I pushed myself harder to be who I am today. I still sometimes feel the effects of the old taunts. It was the hurt that plagued me for a very long time. I believe that this will have an effect on me for the rest of my life. One that may still hurt but propels me to help people like myself.

Now I am a friend to the hurting. When someone is having a hard time or aren’t being treated right. They come to me for comfort. It is my motto that “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.” I live by this. I tell kids that come to me everyday when they are feeling down that they are perfect just the way that they are. I’ve talked many kids out of hurting themselves by just telling them that someone cares. That someone believes in who they are. It shames me to think that other kids are the ones inflicting this traumatic injury to their own kind.

Through out the years on the news we see stories of children and teens just like us that have killed themselves over the evil comments people have made. They kill themselves because people who don’t know what they are doing have hurt them time and time again. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens. That’s 4,400 deaths a year from it and that doesn’t include tempted suicides that remain unknown. Could this be because of they way we treat these teens? What if they are a little different? That doesn’t matter at all. We should accept them for who they are and who they want to be. If you where different would you want to be treated in this way? Would you want to feel hated every day of your life? In the United States 30% of kids are bullied this number should be 0%. Did you know that 160,000 kids stay home everyday because they are scared of being tormented at school?

The real question is, how many times have you seen some one being bullied and haven’t done anything about it or how many times have you bullied someone? These are questions that need to be thought about. They need to be answered. We must make a difference. We must stop this madness. As a whole we teenagers need to stand together and stop bulling. As kids when we see someone being hurt we need to end it. Us kids need to be there for those that have no one and feel all alone. Even if they are different or we don’t like them as much as others because you’re not going to love everyone in this world but they deserve to be respected too. Together we can stop people for hurting themselves. When can end emotional turmoil caused by the words of others. All we have to do is band together and end this hideous way of nature. It is a thing that causes death and destruction in the lives of young people all over our beautiful nation. Stand with me today and lets fight against bulling.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in honor of all those that are bullied everyday. I believe that if we all stand together we can stop this hurt and destruction of innocent people.

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