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Depression: The Ugly Truth

April 14, 2015
By Anonymous

A thousand thoughts are running through your mind and you find it difficult to breathe. You shake all over but yet you find it difficult to care. You are numb and incredibly exhausted. You look in the mirror with tear stained cheeks and red eyes and come to a sad realization. This has become your life, this is rock bottom.

Depression. As a society we use this term to label someone. There is a certain stereotype that goes along with this word. There are countless signs, triggers, symptoms, and valid reasons that go along with depression, but there is still a sense of shame that goes alone with being called “depressed”. People constantly accuse these people “attention seekers” and “selfish” but it is the furthest thing from selfish there is. When you cry first thing in the morning but somehow will yourself to get out of bed in the because you don’t want to hurt anyone that is close to you; that shows true strength and courage.

Despite the common stigma that goes along with depression, it is not something you choose. It is caused by a combination of various factors. Depression consumes you and holds you in such a tight grip that makes it almost impossible to get out. You lose everything about yourself and what you loved abuout your life. You become emotionally distant from reality around you and eventually lost all interest. Depression affects every aspect of your life, it is the center the everything revolves around. It negatively affects your concentration, memory, and ability to establish long lasting, solid relationships with your friends and family.

Changes in sleep, lack of concentration, loss of energy, and physical aches are just a few common symptoms that go with depression. There are so many causes such as trauma, genetics, and other medical conditions that could be the root of someone’s depression.

Depression and anxiety rips apart families and does long term damage. It has been romanticized and exaggerated in social media but the fact still remains that it is serious and deadly. You are not alone and you are not meant to suffer through this without any support. The only mistake you can make is not talking to someone about it, you don’t need to suffer in silence.

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