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Have You Seen Molly?

April 26, 2014
By DearKorinah BRONZE, Farmingdale, New York
DearKorinah BRONZE, Farmingdale, New York
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Have you seen Molly? Molly goes by a few other names. The commonly used club drug (used by young adults at bars, clubs, and all night dance parties) can also be referred to as Ecstasy, GHB, Liquid ecstasy, Liquid X, MDMA, and the Georgia Home Boy.

Found in pill or tablet form and is taken by mouth, tablets are usually brightly colored and stamped with cartoon characters or drawings on the top. They look like harmless little candies. One would think that on a night that a user goes raving they would only “pop a molly” and be done for the rest of the evening. It is becoming more common to combine multiple different substances while feeling the effects of MDMA. Some substances that are often mixed with Molly include but are not limited to: Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Ketamine, Viagra, Meth, and other legal and illegal substances.

The club drug scene is ever changing. It seems as though a lot of Molly’s followings come from [of the music industry] She seems to be dancing around the minds of our youth and trying to take a place in their hearts. Why would rappers and the music industry mention MDMA so often? You guessed it. To keep her fresh on the minds of the youth and possibly get them involved in the production. Molly is a drug that is made up of cocaine, crack, ecstasy, meth & bath salts. With just one pill, your immune system will have left the building. Trying your luck with two, the brain damage begins (without you even noticing).

At a recent Suffolk County Community College Molly seminar, it was brought to my attention that a recent study found that pharmacologists (and others involved in the field) are now questioning whether or not they should legalize it due to the fact that it is connected to aiding people build empathy. “If used appropriately, it could possibly have some beneficial aspects.” When debating the legalization of a drug, it is always good to look at the demographic of people who will actually used for their health and those that will use it for recreational use.

“MDMA psychotherapy clinical trials are in ‘Phase 2? as of now with two larger ‘Phase 3? studies being required to prove safety and efficiency, which are set to occur between 2016 and 2020. There have been arguments for quite some time that the U.S gov’t should legalize all drugs and there are an infinite amount of valid statements that could be thrown on the table. A lot people are perplexed at the thought of legalizing drugs even crossing someone’s mind, but the truth is that this is one of the only options we have left because clearly prohibition does everything BUT help.” - youredm.com

It seems as though the problem lies within the prohibition certain drugs. For example, when you prohibit a child from doing something by warning them that the outcome is bad, they don’t always listen until they find out for themselves. Perhaps actually legalization will subtract from the “glamour and rush of excitement” that seems to be associated with breaking the rules. Once it’s easily accessible, people may realize that it’s not even worth the trip.

It has been rumored that Molly has taken a few trips around these parts. When asked, several Suffolk Students told us they took a dance with the Georgia Home Boy. Whether it was a good trip or not, what matters is that they knew what they were getting themselves into, the moment she took them by the hands.
For anonymity and security, the following student's identity will remain unnamed.

What does it do for you?
When I took molly, it made me as happy as I could be. It brought me more happiness than I could have ever imagined. It made me feel as though it was the greatest thing in the world; every problem I had suddenly went away. It made me feel connected to the people that were around me. The girls I would dance with would take my high to another level due to the level of arousal I encountered during that moment. The girl and I would move as we were creating art for the passion of the music. My partner and I would dance to the music, laugh, bring joy to everyone, and exchange smiles with those around us. There was a sense of unity between everyone doing it, and being happy made it special.

The crash afterwards was horrible. My best friend and I would have to smoke marijuana at the end of the night to lessen the crash. The marijuana made me feel calm and collected and helped with the dilation of my pupils. When I didn’t smoke it, my body was usually shot the next day. The crash depended on how much molly I consumed the day before. The crash would last anywhere from one day to a week. It had taken a toll on my body.

Why did you use it?

I mainly took Molly for the experience. My best friend and I were always wondered about the chatter about being on molly while “raving.” My first time was in March of 2013, and I didn’t stop until December of that very year. Every experience was amazing but we realized we were building a tolerance and needed to stop. The high didn’t last as long as it used to and we began taking more and more to get the same high. I met a teacher at a rave that was rolling. I can’t recall his age, but I do remember parts of the conversation we had. We talked about the responsibility that came along with rolling; he stress to always have water, and to take .02 every hour. This way, we would feel the high the whole night and not overdose.

Were you aware of the side effects/harmful effects?
Of course I was. I knew everything about it before I even touched it. I have done my research and I continued with no regrets. It was for the experience and I look back and smile; it was one of my greatest years of fun and experiments.
What was your weirdest trip like?
It is hard to say since the molly has blurred my memory. In a sense, I know I enjoyed it, but it seems as though it happened so quickly that I can’t recall all exact moments. I do recall having a really scary trip, while using. It was Saturday, July 14. Rehab was playing in the background at Governors Island, and my best friend and I headed out with 10 capsules. It was like any other day that travel there. We had to sneak the molly pass security, which wasn’t too difficult, take a few, and make a profit with the rest. By mistake, I stuck it in my pocket after going to the portal-potty and the capsules melted in my shorts after 20 minutes. At that moment, my best friend and I made a decision. We decided to swallow what we had left of the mesh and proceeded to party. A half hour went by and we were dancing with some friends in the front where it was claustrophobic, humid, and hot. The molly was affecting me in bad way. I felt as though I was going to pass out. My eyes were slowly closing and I could feel myself collapsing. I held myself together and drank what was left in my camelbak. My friend and I left the crowd and just tried to relax. I was rolling hard that day. When I got home I called the girl I was talking to at the time to sleep over. I didn’t fall asleep that night, and I went in to work the next morning still rolled. I chuckled to myself because my pupils were dilated and I had to deal with customers with a wide grin and cheery eyes as though nothing was wrong!
Have your friends ever had bad trips?
A: Unfortunately, my best friend and some of the girls that were in our group have experienced bad trips. There were times when I had to pick up late phone calls because their trips were frightening, and they needed someone to talk to about it! One experience my friend had; she was paralyzed and a monster of some sort was after her. It was as though she was lucid dreaming and couldn’t escape.

Do your parent know you used molly?
It’s hard to tell if they do or not because they could never imagine me doing molly or any drug. They have only questioned me once, and my response to them was no. My siblings knew about my use and the easy money it was bringing in for me. I would never touch it again; I had my time with it, but now its over. My advice for anyone that is or plans on taking it is to just be careful. Hopefully one day you’ll grow out of it and leave it in the past. If you can stay away from it, do so. I was lucky. I was able to quit my habit before anything bad happened to me.

A common myth about drugs is that brain cells regenerate after they have been damaged. A study was done on an avid drug user after he quit. His damaged brain cells did not regenerate, and the patterns of the brain cells were still very damaged after seven years of not using the drug. While the preceding experiences may not have seemed too harmful, the pitfalls of ecstasy are not pleasant. Long-term use of MDMA depletes the brain of these transmitters and can cause effects such as: confusion, depression, sleeping Problems, and anxiety. Large quantities of MDMA can interfere with the ability to regulate body temperature, resulting in a sharp increase in body temperature (hyperthermia), leading to liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure.

The good does not outweigh the bad. While great feelings may occur while on MDMA for the time being, the negative side effects could last well over a lifetime.

Molly can make people feel many different ways. Often after hanging out with her, people often experience increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth, altered perception of time-enhanced sense of pleasure, self-confidence, and tactile experiences.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what does all that mean? It means, once you’re with her, she can take over a lot of your senses and alter the way you view things for the duration of your time together.

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