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By Anonymous

   It happened at a birthday party, ofall places. You know how they are; everyone is giddy, excited, full ofenergy.

I was at Laura's thirteenth birthday party. The ten of ushad just returned to her home from the water slide and were waiting fordinner. As we lounged around trying to think of something to do, someonesuggested, "Hey, let's have a dance party." Soon we were inthe basement jiving around and shrieking above the music.

That'swhen I got my great idea. There were two, thick pull-up bars attached tothe wall of the basement ceiling. Why not grab 'em, do a little swingin'and fly off like a gymnast? Wow, would I look cool or what?

So, Ijumped up, seized the cold metal bars and began to swing. Who knows,maybe for that brief moment I did look cool. Maybe. When it came timefor my glorious dismount I swung hard one last time and let go. Thingsdid not happen as I planned. I flew across the room and was unable toregain enough balance to land on my feet.

Thump, crack! I smackedthe floor violently, landing on my back with my right arm underneathme.

I heard Danielle say, "Ha-ha, Kelli, that was sooooocool." "Yeah," Alicia agreed, trying not to laugh,"that looked like it would hurt." This, of course, wasfollowed by much laughter, since I looked like a doofus. As this washappening, I thought, Oh rats. Well, we're substituting in "ohrats," because what I really thought isn't printable. I scrambledto my feet and, trying hard not to cry, croaked, "I think I brokemy wrist." That quieted everyone and all I heard was, "Oh myGod," and "Are you okay?"

Someone rushed over tosnap off the music before returning to the huddle of people staring atme. After a few minutes, Jenna thought to get an adult. Soon Laura'sparents, and mine, came rushing down the stairs, only slightlypanicking. My mother dragged my tired and pain-filled body to theemergency room for a huge cast. Make that two huge casts, since I had togo back the next morning and get one that didn't cut off mycirculation.

The next day, my friends rode their bikes over tovisit and bring a card and balloons. I learned a very important lesson:don't try to show off and act cool in front of your friends. If theydon't think you're cool already, flying off bars won't change theirminds. I realized how lucky I was to have them. They cared enough toignore how incredibly dumb I was and just wanted me to get better. Theywere great examples of true friends.

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i love this so much!