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Travelling amidst Corona pandemic

October 17, 2021
By Methsithini_dezoysa BRONZE, Colombo, Other
Methsithini_dezoysa BRONZE, Colombo, Other
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I know you’ll have missed many loving things during this time. Before this pandemic period, have you ever wondered about quarantine, travel restrictions, and lockdown? Obviously, some have never heard about these terms even. The pandemic changed our lives totally upside down. We lost the opportunity for social gatherings, concerts, movies, trips, and many more. Simply now we have to avoid simple things such as high fives and have to hide our smiles under the mask. One of the things I miss most is travelling. I know that this is a heartbreaking situation for all travel lovers. During the extreme times of the covid 19 wave, we can’t even go to the supermarket and all the things are being done online. Though we can engage in education, shopping, watching movies, and hanging out with friends online, you know that we can’t engage in travelling online. I am a super travel lover since I was very small. My country, Sri Lanka is an island with many marvellous nature creations and I love to visit them. Evergreen rain forests, golden beaches, waterfalls, hills, hot water springs, and ancient ruins are the most loving things in my life to visit. But when this virus is spreading globally, we don’t have a chance to travel abroad or even within our own country due to travel restrictions. Countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Vietnam mostly depend on their economy in tourism. These countries are in a really bad situation. I am so uneasy about travel restrictions and staying at home. But nobody can help with it since health comes first. Since I am a travel lover, I was engaged in photography too. When travel restrictions were implemented, I couldn’t even capture any outdoor photos. The only thing I am doing is watching travel vlogs on YouTube. I am watching many travel vlogs by ‘Hey Nadine’, ‘Oneika the traveller’ and ‘yes theory’. Not only that I am watching some documentaries related to travel on television too. Though we get permission to travel we can’t enjoy trips as earlier since we have to maintain health protocols. If we are going to another country for any purpose, we have to get done a PCR test and have to be quarantined. Since this covid 19 virus is rising and falling travelling will be a very difficult task to continue. Still, there is no clue about the end of this deadly virus. Most probably the virus will be active until next year-end. I hope this covid 19 virus will disappear from the world as soon as possible and then we can continue travelling and other daily activities as usual. Follow health guidelines properly as much as you can, then we will get a chance for our normal life including travelling.

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Hey everyone !!! This article is about travelling during the Corona pandemic which is a very difficult thing to do these days. I love travelling a lot and I experienced it in this pandemic period. I hope that you'll will enjoy my article. Pls, give your comments in the comments section.

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thisuli said...
on Oct. 29 2021 at 4:27 am
thisuli, Colombo, Other
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Important article and amazing.

thisuli said...
on Oct. 29 2021 at 3:56 am
thisuli, Colombo, Other
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Great article. Keep it up. Very interesting