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How Daily, Early Morning Walks Can Help Your Physical/Mental Health

June 27, 2018
By AJ BRONZE, Cantonment, Florida
AJ BRONZE, Cantonment, Florida
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What taking a walk can do for your physical and mental health

It’s currently summer and I tend to want to do nothing. Does this sound familiar? I wake up, eat, take a lil’ breather, eat more, and lastly I take a nap. This cycle can go on at least three times a day. So they way I changed that was I went on a 2 mile walk in the morning. Now, I know a two mile walk isn’t for everybody but it helped me and it will help you if you do it. Some of the benefits of taking a walk include giving you energy for the day and it will give you a sense of alertness, now you may be tired right after the walk but if you drink some water and take a shower you will feel much more energized. Next, it creates a positive mindset for your other duties throughout the day. Walking also promotes weight loss especially if your like me and have put on a few pounds from the summer. Lastly, it can help you socialize if you go when other people go out.

The author's comments:

Ever since school ended I’ve been gaining weight because i did sports all year and i had to eat a lot of calories to keep my energy up, but I’ve stopped sports for summer and kept eating the same so i gained a few pounds. Now that i take daily walks its helped put off some weight. This article is to help motivate readers to do something this summer to help keep somewhat active. 

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