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How Skinny is Too Skinny

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen someone that is anorexic? If you have most likely you do not like the way that person looks skinny. It is unhealthy and unsafe; millions of people just don’t think this it is a fact. Anorexia is an eating disorder where people stave them selves. Its not a healthy skinny it is disgusting, anorexic people are so skinny you can see their bones, and they are very sick looking. There’s nothing cool about it, but society tries to make these people look glamorous, putting them as model, singers and some actresses. They should not be the ones that young teens look up to.

Some celebrities are anorexic and that is not good because young teens look up to them. The media makes theses people look good and some young teens want to be like them. This means they will start to get obsessed with their weight and body image causing them to become anorexic. The media has a lot to do with people becoming over obsessed about their body weight and image.

Anorexia is when some one is in fear of their body beginning fat. Some even think they are fat when it is clear they are skinny and in good health. Anorexia is also when men but, mostly women are over obsessed with their body weight and losing weight. Some people that are anorexic are under weight still tend to think they are fat, anorexia is not an easy game to play it might even cost some their lives. Lastly anorexia starts to control the brain and starts to make one think that it is ok to not eat and stave them selves.

This is a sickness and there’s nothing ok about. People that are anorexic need our help and we should not make fun of them like some people do. When someone is anorexic we should help make them realize that they should get help and that their body is ok. If one of our classmates is anorexic we should help them and be their friend because that’s what they need most.

There are many signs of anorexia and you should look for the signs. Especially if someone you love may be falling into the anorexia category. People that may be anorexic are not at the health weight for their age and height group. They also do not eat and when you try to be a friend and help they get mad and make up excuses for not wanting to eat. In some cases they might even wear baggy clothes so you can not see their thinness. Another sign is if they look in the minor a lot and complain about everything that is wrong with their body.

Theses are just some signs to look out for if you think someone might become anorexic. You will also know if a person is anorexic, by the sings they give off. Just keep in mind what to look for, like your friend wearing baggy clothes all the time. Or making up excuses for not wanting to eat. There’s also a website called where you can go to find out more things to look for.

Anorexia is a disgusting thing it makes people look ugly and overall sick. It also is a fact that being anorexic makes people lose their hair. You start to lose your hair because the stress and lack of protein makes your hair cells die. It also makes it easier for them to be amounted to a sickness. Anorexic people do not sleep as must as they are supposed to.

This sickness does more then just ruins someone’s appearance it also affects their social life. It does more then just take the beauty you once had it can also take away the friends you once had. Being anorexic is nothing good.

Anorexia does not just do harm to their body it also does harm to the feelings. It makes some people depressed which make them turn to drugs or alcohol to take away their pain. It also makes them feel guilty for eating or wanting to eat. They also tend to distance them selves from their friends and family.

Why would you want to be anorexic? You wouldn’t because you will get depressed and lose your friends and family. Anorexia takes you’re your life, mind, and body. It can make you think that everyone that cares about you just wants to hurt you. I hope you now know what anorexia is and some stuff to look out for. Hopeful you can now see that anorexia is dangerous and if you want to lose weight please do it the healthy way.

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