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Pollution Solution

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine yourself hiking up a hill on a glorious day. The sun is warm on your face and a cool breeze weaves in and out of the tall and majestic trees. You breathe in the deep scent on the pine trees with satisfaction. You come across picturesque scenery. There is a lovely lake that glitters like a million jewels flashing back and forth. You close your eyes and try to capture this moment. When you open your eyes though, you realize you had been dreaming. You hear a loud bulldozer crashing down the trees to make more land space. The lake is muddy and filthy. Trash litters every corner of the forest. Then realization hits: the world is becoming polluted and damaged.

Everyone wishes for a beautiful, pollution-free world and yet no one tries to make it one. Everybody has solutions, some reasonable and others way out of this world. However, by pitching in and helping this world heal its wounds, we can make our world a beautiful place to live once again.

First off, one solution can be that everyone owns some piece of land. It wouldn’t be very big, but not very small either. People living by the beach would be responsible for a part of the beach. People living in the city would have to clean up their own square from a sidewalk or elsewhere. Wherever it is, you would be responsible for your piece of land. You would have to throw away any litter that may be on your square of land. It wouldn’t take much work. If everyone did that then the world would be a much cleaner place.

In addition, another solution would be to round up volunteers every week or month. If you don’t volunteer, you would have to pay a small fee. The money would go toward another cleaning project or for another good purpose. Anyways, the volunteers would go to places, such as the beach or parks, and just clean up the waste. The volunteers could also educate people on what they know about pollution and how it affects the world. Many people are clueless to what is happening to the world. This way, almost everybody pitches in.

Furthermore, if all else fails, another solution would just to charge people who are caught littering. People tend to get lazy and can’t even walk a few feet to the trash can. If such a law was enforced, everybody would throw away their own trash. This way, everybody would be responsible for their own garbage.

We are all part of the solution. By just picking up and throwing away a piece of trash, you are taking a step into making this world a cleaner place. This world is our home. If we trash and litter it, it just wouldn’t feel like “home” any longer. Although, this world is in a bad shape, together, we can patch and heal this world.

The author's comments:
I hope that when people read this article, they will inspired or at least encouraged to help heal this world.

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