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Ball of Fireworks and smoke

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Its global warming is the biggest problem that will rain hell every where. The climate will change floods will accrue the North Pole will melt all the way. Plants will die including trees and crops.

Because of this it will make less food and people will kill for food. People will lose jobs and become hobos and homeless. It will become the great depression all over again but this time the government might not be able to fix the problem this time.
Wars will start for food and nations will fall, these guys destroy these guys and those guys invade these guys. Allies will betray there allies. Not even the United States will survive. The most powerful nation in the world it will fall like Europe, China, and mother Russia and others.
The surviving people that will survive the wars will have crime and murder all around them and it will be life for a short time. The surviving people of that probly got lucky will be wiped out be either weather or starving. The last animals or living thing that survives all of this will probly be insects and creatures in the sea.
If you don’t help prevent this problem then prepare for lots of natural disasters and WORLD WAR 3. If you know what WWII was like, this WW will be ten times worse then that. It will have aircraft bombing, shooting, tanks and unlike WWII it will also have atomic bombs, nuclear bombs, and country missiles. Bomb shelters won’t help against most of that stuff. The only way you and others can stop this is to stop pollution!

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