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Saving the Forest

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

In the words of Bryce Nelson, “People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.” This statement is especially true when it comes to the way we currently treat our forests. Every day, more and more trees fall prey to big logging companies, to be used in products such as newspapers, cardboard boxes and building timber. Trees are vital to human and animal life, and serve to provide beauty to the world. If I were in charge of Idaho’s forests I would focus on educating the public to keep our forests safe.
Many people don’t realize just how important trees are to our world. They provide clean air, homes for animals, and beauty. One thing the world needs now is a way to let people know what is happening, and a way to tell them that they can do something about it. As an example, recycling is a great alternative to cutting down more trees. I would set up a program where any person could come to learn more about ways to protect forests and prevent excess logging.
Nowadays, with a growing population, more trees are being cleared for homes and businesses. This may be good for us, but animals’ homes are being destroyed. Without the forests, more and more animals are moving into residential areas, where they are in danger almost everywhere. By leaving forests be, we leave the animals be. Remember people, when we make room for our homes, theirs are being torn down.
Lastly, I would like to create paperless classrooms, where schoolwork is done electronically. It’s amazing how much paper is used for worksheets and tests, and the amount of notes sent home is appalling. If students were to do their work on computers, there would be less of a need for paper.

Bryce Nelson was right when he said that people and trees need each other, and I believe that if we take care of our forests and remember not to waste what we have, they will provide for us for years to come.

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